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All the security safes of LIVI SAFE CORPORATION will be maintained or repaired or replaced under the terms of the warranty in Vietnam.


1) Warranty Period:  5 years for the locks and the structure of the bolt-works.


LIVI technitians will direcly come to any locations in the perimeter of Ho Chi Minh city (free of charge if the safes are still under warranty). In case of being out of Ho Chi Minh city, customers will be notified and charged an extra cost (depending on the locations).


Besides, if the locations are out of Ho Chi Minh city, customers can directly send the safes including warranty card of LIVI SAFE CORPORATION to the address on warranty card by vehicles. The safes will be carefully checked and maintained and then will be sent back to customers within 07 days after received (customers will bear delivery cost).


2) Except for Export:  2% for spare-parts under warranty.


3) In the following cases, repair and maintainance will be accepted for free of charge:


• Warranty service is repaired and maintained the techinical errors from manufacturer.


• Warranty period does not expire from the delivery date on the warranty card.


• Warranty card or receipt must be intact.


• Products will be repaired or maintained in accordance with the standards of the manufacturer regarding technical errors.


4) In the following cases, LIVI SAFE CORPORATION will charge an extra cost for repair or maintainence if products are still under warranty:


 The warranty period expires, or warrant card or receipt is lost.


 Warrant card is not intact or does not have clear purchase date and delivery date.


 Anti-counterfeiting stamp for warranty is torn or changed


 Products are out of order or have errors because of wrong usage by cutomers.


 Products are out of order or have errors because of getting dropped, broken, dented, moistured, rusted .....


 Technical errors are caused by natural damages.


 Products are individually disassambled, assambled, repaired or changed the technical structures by customers without the agreements of LIVI SAFE CORPORATION.


5) Products are not under warranty or warranty period expires, LIVI SAFE CORPORATION will offer repair or maintanance service and charge an extra cost.
6Warranty Location: is written on the warranty card.

For further information about after sale and warranty, please kindly contact below:

Tel:  (08) 22166029




Fri, 19 Oct 2018